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  • Brief introduction of G-Sheng Hardware Co.

    G-Sheng Hardware Co., Ltd., since 2003, the supplier of high quality top worldly branded companies worldly, manufacture the parts of cars, bikes, motors … etc..

    Upholding theprinciple, “Customers and service first!”, G-Sheng quality policy is, ‘Learning from mistakes, learning to grow up, growing and share’, this is also the cultural symbol of G-Sheng.

  • G-Sheng management philosophy

    1.Customer first.

    2.Quality priority.

    3.Service top urgent.

    4.Advanced and innovation.

  • Certification & technology

    Certificated in 2006 the ISO9001, G-Shengactively keeps seeking more advanced techniques and the official internal management of teaching and training, to increase G-Shengcompetitiveness and effectiveness, improve the human resources quality, care thetraining of expertise and the professional skills, to be the bright attention to the customers and meet the needs of the markets.

  • G-Sheng’s company culture

    Each of G-Sheng employees has his dream and life goal, G- Sheng members,work together to make their dreams come true, and reach their goals. Everything G-Sheng staffs does, is to let the others’ sense of value obviously, by his giving to the company, and sincerely insist his belief, completing every task in the company, then, by each of their professional,achieve the work within his capable work range, continuous to learn, grow and share, by different angles, different levels of thinking.